Happy Oligo® is 97.5% purity of Isomalto Oligosaccharide in powder form.

Prior to this, in 1992, when it first came to market, it was in liquid form and purity was only about 50% based on the enzyme transformation technology from the Hayashibara Biochemical Research Institute of Japan. It did not significantly promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

In 1996, quality was improved to 65% purity with an overall prebiotic effect of only 30%.

After eight years of research, in 2009, Shan Yu Biotechnology successfully further purified it to 97.5% concentration and instead of liquid form, they managed to convert it to powder form. At 97.5% purity, we are now able to achieve an overall prebiotic effect of 95%~99% (i.e. 97.5%±2.5%). This also makes it safe for normal consumption even by diabetics, as a substitute to sugar.





Isomalto Oligosaccharide in powder form