Target Users

Who benefits by taking Happy Oligo®

01_infant 02_alcohol 03_stress 04_allergies 05_immune 06_freckles

People with allergies, weak immune system or certain lifestyles

  1. Infants that are not breastfeed. Pregnant women.
  2. People fond of eating meat & drinking coffee, tea & alcohol.
  3. People under high mental stress.
  4. People prone to allergies.
  5. People with weak immune function, weak resistance & easily infected by disease.
  6. People with skin problems such as acne freckles, dark spot or other skin disease.
  7. Children, teenagers, elderly people, & vegetarian. Can also be used on pets.

07_vegetarian       08_gas     09_diarrhea    10_breath

People with stomach disorders

  1. People with accumulated bowel, constipation, smelly gas or bloated stomach.
  2. People with diarrhea, sensitive intestine & stomach.
  3. People with bad breadth, body odour, shoulder & back ache, or lack of energy.

11_antibiotics      12_contraceptive     14_hepatitis     13_hypertension

People taking medicine, with chronic disease, or bedridden

  1. People taking antibiotics.
  2. Women taking contraceptives.
  3. People with hypertension, hyperlipidaemia (i.e. excessive fats or lipids in the blood), high cholesterol or other cardiovascular disease.
  4. Patients with chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis or other liver & kidney disease.