Observation after taking Happy Oligo®


Everyone has his own microflora make-up, but the benefits of Bifidus bacteria in every digestive tract are the same. The effect of Happy Oligo® may differ from person to person, depending on his health condition.

  1. Happy Oligo® has many healing properties, but it will produce optimum result only if taking it for a prolonged period of time. If you are taking this product for the first time, the beginning first 3 months is the adjustment period. During this period, it is recommended to take about 15g ~ 30g each day to achieve obvious effect. If you are taking 30g each day, you can take 3 tablespoons twice a day (1 tablespoon is about 5g) or 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.
  2. Some people may experience no obvious sign in the beginning, but will observe the stool changing to lighter color and lighter odor. This is because Isomalto-oligosaccharide will inhibit harmful bacteria, thus causing the harmful bacteria population to reduce. As a result, fewer toxins are produced.
  3. If stool changes from dark color towards more yellowish color, you will know that the ratio of friendly bacteria (Bifidus) is increasing, because friendly bacteria will produce a lot of the vitamin B group and vitamin B is yellow in color.
  4. If you are experiencing bloated stomach or passing smelly wind very frequently, this means that you have an unbalanced microflora and possibly overgrowth of harmful bacteria. By taking Happy Oligo®, you will experience a proliferation of the friendly bacteria Bifidus and they will help to reduce the frequency of passing wind.
  5. If you experience bloatedness or constipation after taking Happy Oligo® in the beginning, this could be due to a serious lack of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, hence they are unable to ferment the Isomalto-oligosaccharide soon and quick enough. In this situation, you can reduce the amount of Happy Oligo® for one week to let the friendly bacteria proliferate first. Once the friendly bacteria are in abundance, bloatedness and constipation will be gone too.
  6. If you have accumulated bowel, you will experience black, smelly and runny stool in the beginning period of taking Happy Oligo®. Some people may experience slight stomach cramp or pain. This is not unusual but a common sign of intestine cleansing effect.


What are the observations in the initial period of after taking
Happy Oligo®?

Effects Causes
Stomach making noises. Intestinal flora begins to adjust.
Frequent breaking wind. Initial stage of microflora imbalance when there is an abundance of harmful bacteria.
Dark color, smelly, runny stool. Or experience slight cramp. Cleansing effect taking place. Accumulated stool clearing out of digestive system.
Increase in stool quantity. Dead bodies of harmful bacteria clearing out of digestive system.
Bloatedness, constipation, or stomachache. Lack of Bifidus bacteria, hence the sudden increased supply of oligosaccharide cannot be completely “utilized”. Please reduce intake of Happy Oligo® for 1 week.
Stool changing to yellow color. Good sign of proliferation of the Bifidus bacteria, because they will produce vitamin B, which is yellow in color.
Reduction of bad breadth, body odor, or smelly stool. Microflora balance improving, thus fewer waste toxins from harmful bacteria.